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After seeing some collide posters throughout the game, i decided it could have some musics in the soundtrack

After seeing some collide..

Vampire the masquerade - bloodlines

Vampire the masquerade - ..

Vampire die maskerade bloodlines

Vampire die maskerade blo..

Vampire - the masquerade - bloodlines (action-rpg)

Vampire - the masquerade ..

Blood line

Blood line..

First-person roleplaying game, based on white wolfs popular vampire: the masquerade pen-and-paper rpg

First-person roleplaying ..

Vampire the masquarade:bloodlines

Vampire the masquarade:bl..

This is the new main menu for bloodlines antitribu, i hope you like it, but if you dont

This is the new main menu..

Vampire teh masquerade bloodlines was teh best game i evar played a drm-free game that wasnt for sale any more

Vampire teh masquerade bl..

Gamespy: vampire: the masquerade - bloodlines - page 3

Gamespy: vampire: the mas..

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